Thursday, November 10, 2011


The weather has been so mild I managed to get some "extra" gardening done.

We had some raspberries growing in front of the shop, we LOVE raspberries, but I didn't want them here, mostly because they are very prickly and make it that much harder when you have to break into the shop through the window because you husband locked the keys inside AGAIN.

Coop needs a coat of paint next year!
So, we're moving them in front of the chicken coop. This does not get all day sun but it does get most of the day, not a bad thing if you don't want your raspberries growing everywhere.

I believe Spring is supposed to be a better time to transplant raspberry plants, but I've always find you loose the next year after you transplant no matter when you move them. So the summer after next we should have a huge patch of raspberries right beside the chicken coop.

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