Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coco's Eggs

Poor Coco, the girls have been taking advantage of her! Everytime she gets up from her nest to eat, someone sneaks in there & gives her another egg to care for. She had 7 a few days ago, and now she's up to 14!

So I went into the coop after dark last night to candle her eggs. 7 looks quite full and should be ready to hatch in just a few more days. I removed 7, including one that was broken, most of which looked fertile but were really just a few days old (so good news the new chickens have fertile eggs).

I remember some great twitter advice about writting on the eggs, and the 7 that are ready to hatch have one 'X' on them, so if any more chickens get smart, we'll be able to tell those eggs apart at a glance.

CoCo's 21 days are up now. Eggs this developed it's hard to see if they are moving or not, but we should know very soon. She had been off her eggs twice because of other hens sitting on her nest, but neither times the eggs got too cold, I hope!

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