Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coops getting Full!

Our Jr. Rooster
This is the one cuckoo marran boy we kept, and he's turned into quite a fine specimen! Kept well in line by big-bully-Roo, he's been known to hide in the bushes until his rival isn't looking then sneak out and grab a hen. It's quite amusing to watch
My favourite Marran lady, I just think
she's a lovely bird, even if her colouring isn't

The marrans have been laying quite well, we get about a dozen eggs a week from them. 

Enjoying the run
We added another flock of around 20 birds right into the coop. Again, we really wanted to quarantine, but they came from a friend's backyard flock and we didn't have a proper place to keep them (especially because they are laying).

Red Stars
Hub's friend had too many eggs to eat or giveaway and we're very happy to have them. 

There are 2 new EE as well, but they are too shy for pictures. If they go broody as well, we're going to have quite a lot of chickens in the spring! 

The turkeys are happy, they aren't the
ugliest in the coop any more!
 The brown chickens are "red stars" or commercial layer chickens. They all look absolutely terrible because they are molting. Hopefully they'll be done soon & back into lovely feathering.
Black Star
Going to need to add another water bucket
 We have 3 of these really lovely black stars, which are also a commercial layer chicken. Two of them are really fine birds, lovely deep bodies, nice big chickens. While the red stars are probably going to be seeing the inside of the soup pot in a few months, I'm going to keep a couple of the blacks to breed.

 Sometimes chickens go off laying after a big move or change, we've already had 9 eggs since the new gals moved in! All xl & jumbos.

Chickens only lay such large eggs when they are older and about to stop laying eggs regularly.

These new eggs have very pale yolks, probably from eating lots of commercial feeds. Our chickens have deep yellow/orange yolks because of all the free-range feed. It won't take too long for the new girls eggs to become dark yellow too.

Big Buddy Roo is pretty happy about the changes! Although still chasing his rival everywhere, we've now tipped the ratio and should get another roo so we have good fertility.

Chicks are getting their feathers
 Big mama EE is a tough lady! She's been beating all the other hens for dominance.
 This poor gal lost her whole tail in the moult.The skin is bright red where her feathers have started re-growing.

Marran girls aren't overly impressed with the new arrivals, but overall the coop already feels a whole lot warmer. Glad that there we have tons of space for everyone to roost, and while they're scrapping a little over dominance, they're getting along well so far.

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