Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goats are Trouble, But Adorable!

Jail break!
We've got such a nice little herd running around here now. Before it was more Harry & Diego then Billy following them mournfully along (after all Hare & D are half-brothers and grew up together). Now Hare has really bonded with Yankee and she follows him all over the farm. He has already  shown her where the feed room is, where the holes in the fence are, how to get into the chicken coop... And other important goatly things!
Uh guys, that's not how you do it...

Billy still trails mournfully along, but at least he has D to 'hang out' with a bit now. D is doing amazingly in on his leg, still won't put weight on it when running/jumping but if he's just walking along grazing he's got all four on the ground!
Yanky Banky

Eventually we'd like to get Billy a buddy of his own species, but lamb prices for meat are high so we'll have to be patient and wait for a good deal. We also really want another fibre wether if we can find it. Billy's coat is so soft and plush!! That boy is going to be sweating in February while everyone else is shivering. I do think he's getting a little tired of me rubbing his back while I drift off imagining all the wonderful things I can make...

The last thing you ever see...
 Found that ****** goose a home, with someone who keeps lots of waterfowl. They're going to trade us for a few banty chickens or something, so I'm happy!

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